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Wagner Electronics IntelliSense Technology

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For accurate moisture measurements on woodworking or wood flooring projects, none can match the speed, ease and accuracy of Wagner’s hand held moisture meters. Wagner Moisture Meters, featuring IntelliSense™ Technology, go beyond surface conditions for accurate measurements of moisture conditions IN the wood.

Most surface meters cannot distinguish between surface or ambient conditions on the surface of the wood, and the real moisture picture in the wood. Pin-type meters may be able to bypass the surface conditions, but they also damage the surface of the wood each time you take a reading. Air humidity, condensation, or other ambient conditions can impact many moisture meters and give inaccurate readings that cost you money. But Wagner’s hand held moisture meters with IntelliSense™ Technology are not impacted by surface conditions, enabling you to get fast, highly accurate moisture measurement for woodworking or wood flooring projects. And it works without damage to the wood surface!

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